1. It’s been a while since I’ve updated properly, but here’s something that’s finally being realised. King Of The Mountains release poster, in the printers. 

  2. Unused type from work. Client didn’t feel it. Quite like it. 

  3. Poster design for Protocol Dance Company. 

  4. In other news, I plan on running a 100km before the end of the month. And to celebrate each time I run, I plan on creating a graphic for it. Now, I’m not a runner, but with life and work, I’m not making enough of an attempt to keep active. My daily commute has gone from 14 miles round trip cycle to 2. but cycling definitely uses a whole host of different muscles. So let’s see how this goes.

    3.7 down. 96.3 left to go. 

  5. John Lennon wore Nikes

  6. New Rhubarb Bomb soon

  7. Late to the game, unused. 

  8. Mi Mye at Wharf Chambers. 

  9. Pariah Press logo development

  10. Beer pump clip design for Long Division Festival’s own beer. Wonderbar!

  12. Guys, don’t worry, I’ve mastered Flash. 

  13. One of those days.

  14. Worked on this lovely album recently. Recorded live at Long Division 2013, Mi Mye played in an abandoned library. It was quite the experience and I hope everybody involved enjoys the album cover design.

    Pre-orders will be available from here later today

  15. B2TB