1. New Rhubarb Bomb soon

  2. 4/5 of The History Of Apple Pie reading Rhubarb Bomb during Long Division. Good times and good people

  3. The Do’s for Long Division Festival 

    Filmed by Ash Scott and featuring titlecard designed by me me me. And ace music from The Do’s. 

  4. longdivisionfestival:

    Rhubarb Bomb

    Alongside running a festival, Rhubarb Bomb also publishes a quarterly zine (look at how busy we are!). The next issue will be released this Friday and should be available from many wonderful independent stores across the north, and a select few in the south.

    Can’t find it? Get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do. 

    Our newest issue is our Long Division 2013 special! Featuring a number of bands from this years festival, plus hot tips from Philophobia Music’s head man Rob Dee on what he plans on watching this year. The zine is also rammed full of excellent ace content from Clive Smith, John Jowett’s favourite photos and our visit to Sound It Out Records in Stockon-On-Tees (who’s documentary we will be showing on Sunday, plus they’ll be manning our merch stalls all weekend! What wonderful chaps!).

    This issue’s pretty special too as we have COLOUR! Just the on.e extra, but it was enough to inspire our in-house design honcho to give Rhubarb Bomb a facelift! It’s still in its teething stages, but we like it and we hope you do, too! 

    Rhubarb Bomb 4.1! Get it soon!

    A few more pages of the newest issue of Rhubarb Bomb that I designed! Check it out! And check out our Long Division Festival too while you’re at it

  5. brentliambarker:

    The new issue of Rhubarb Bomb should be out on Friday the 3rd of May, It has great articles, independent art, including a drawing by me, it’s free and available from many places in Wakefield and Leeds, including The Theatre Royal and Jumbo Records in the St. John’s Centre.

    I designed this and some people drew nice pictures (see: Brent) and took photos and wrote articles. If you want a copy, say so. 

  6. Couple of things I’ve been working on mentioned in NME this week! Philophobia Music ( http://philophobiamusic.bandcamp.com/ ) who I redesigned their logo/did a few album sleeves and Long Division Festival ( http://www.longdivisionfestival.co.uk/ ) which I’m designing everything this year both get lovely shout outs. And one of my fave bands, Mi Mye getting their some wonderful praise. Excellent! Thanks Ross!

  7. Rhubarb Bomb Tote Bag design, 2012

  8. Jayne and Dean, Beacons Festival, August 2012

  9. Rhubarb Bomb, 3.3 Autumn cover illustration by Step Jones.

  10. Rhubarb Bomb - Just Give Me A Beat To Dance To

  11. Rhubarb Bomb 3.2 

    Working Artists - Laura Slater

  12. Rhubarb Bomb 3.2 cover

    Apparently they came out good. If anybody would like a copy, say and I’ll fire one to you once I get them.

  13. Rhubarb Bomb 3.1, May 2012

  14. Rhubarb Bomb 3.1, May 2012

  15. Rhubarb Bomb 3.1, May 2012